All in with OUR/ IM Math 6-8 : New for Year 2 – Extra Practice pages for each lesson

The teachers of our district worked together to create resources to address a variety of problems they had during year 1.

Made to meet a variety of teacher needs:

  • I keep running out of time for the cool down
  • I want to allow students a chance to reflect and revise cool downs
  • I don’t know how to collect homework/ hold students accountable
  • I wish my students had a little more basic practice available for home
  • I want problems aligned with the curriculum that I can
    •  use for whiteboard practice during my extended block 
    •  use for practice during my support class
    • Send home for students who work with tutors
  • I want to spiral in more review of previous grade level content before students need it in the curriculum

Here is our set for the first half of grade 8 unit 1.  Here is a copy in word for easy editing.  We are spiraling in material students will need for unit 4 throughout the first 3 units.*  You can see that in the first half of unit 1 we focused on one step equations, using fractions and decimals with comfort, and the distributive property. Our goal is to have students comfortably at grade level as they begin unit 4’s equation work. We never want these reviews to distract from the lesson at hand, and so this review is short and builds slowly.

How teachers might choose to use this resource:

We hope it is flexible enough to fit each teacher and classroom. Here are a few ideas:

  • Keep current cooldown routine but limit time – this is their rough draft only. Do a quick Critique, Correct and Clarify (MLR 3) with one of the rough drafts, perhaps structured as a “My Favorite No”.  Students do a Stronger and Clearer (MLR 1) version of the cool down as part of homework.**
  • If you need to collect something from students daily – give one page per day.  Blank back side can be used to work the 3 to 5 practice problems provided by the curriculum
  • If you just want students to have access to extra resources for mastery – hand out as a packet at the beginning of the unit. 
  • If you want extra problems to draw on for classroom activities (stations, white boards, intervention), use problems as a teacher resource to create these activities. 

Unit 1 Lessons 1-10 pdf word

Unit 1 Lessons 11-17 pdf word

Unit 2 Lesson 1-12 pdf word

Unit 3 Lessons 1-14 pdf word

Unit 4 Lessons 1-15 pdf word

Unit 5 Lessons 1-10 pdf word

Unit 5 Lessons 11-21 pdf word

Unit 6 Lessons 1-10  pdf word

Unit 7 Lessons 1-15   pdf  word

Unit 8 Lessons 1-15   pdf  word

Please share other ways you find to use these!

* I’ll continue to add future units here as they are ready.

**For more on math language routines see the course guide – tons of helpful information is waiting for you there!

22 thoughts on “All in with OUR/ IM Math 6-8 : New for Year 2 – Extra Practice pages for each lesson

  1. This is incredible! Thank you for your hard work–and for sharing! We are all better when we work together…I look forward to implementing this curriculum this year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the note.
      The community of teachers using this curriculum is generous and supportive. Connect on twitter or facebook.
      For first year in, check out my posts from last summer.
      Big picture
      Materials prep
      Planning your year


  2. Leeanne,
    I love your cool downs with the extra spiral review. Thank you for creating these. We are in our first year of implementing the resource and found your blog. Do you have plans to make these for the rest of the units?

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  3. Hi, Leanne!

    We LOVE this resource at our school. Thanks for sharing with all of us! I noticed unit 4 was posted, but the links are not there. I wasn’t sure if this was by accident or if you were still working on this unit. Thanks so much!



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  5. I love the one page problems, especially the review added for equations and expressions that is needed for upcoming lessons. Do you teach Algebra I and grade 8 IM in one year? Have you created the extra practice pages for Algebra I?


  6. Yes. Definitely. We are going to be teaching grade 8/ algebra I in one year and will definitely need to merge the two curriculums. Thank you for your help.


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